Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions that we receive:

How do I select my booth location?
Booth availability changes from day to day. You can submit an application with multiple choices and the Show Manager will contact you to confirm the space you are being allocated. If the choices you submitted are all taken the Show Manager will suggest an alternative location.

How do I obtain an Exhibitor Kit with Order forms?
All Exhibitor Kit information can be downloaded from this web site. See the Exhibitor Kit page.

What’s included in my booth space?
We include an 8 ft drape backdrop. You are responsible for ordering electricity as well as any booth furnishings.

Do I have to order from the Official Show Decorator (Freeman) or can I bring my own furnishings?
You may bring your own furnishings including booth carpeting and tables and chairs.

Is there wireless Internet?
Yes. Wireless internet can be ordered (refer to Exhibition Manual)

Can I order phone lines for credit card processing?
Refer to Exhibition Manual.

Are there ATM machines on site?
There are 2 ATM machines near Hall 4 and they are kept stocked with cash through the weekend.

When can I set up?
Set-up on Friday is from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Do I need insurance?
Each exhibitor is responsible for having insurance to cover loss or damage to exhibitor property as well as having public liability insurance against injury to the person and property of others.

Do I pay for parking?
There is $7 pay-parking 24/7. You may order a parking pass for the weekend that allows in-out privileges.

Where do I pick up my show badges and how many do I receive?
All badges can be picked up at the Show Office on Friday or on Saturday morning before the show opening.

Four (4) badges are available to each exhibitor with the name of your organization on the badge. If you need more badges than the standard 4 let us know by e-mailing [email protected]

Do you need names for the Show badges?
We do not need a list of your show staff. We do not prepare exhibitor badges with individual staff names. There is room on the badge however for you to write the individual’s name.

You are also welcome to wear your corporate name tags. If there is more than one organization in your booth and you would like badges for these additional organizations please let us know by e-mail.

Can I leave my truck in the parking lot overnight?
Yes. You can leave vehicles in the parking overnight, however you assume responsibility for theft or damage.

Does my staff need a special pass to get into the Show?
No. Since the show is free admission, your staff do not require a pass to enter the Show.

Do I need a scheduled time to unload my truck(s)?
No. Truck unloading is handled on a first-come basis. Show staff will be in the loading bay area and will provide unloading instruction. Complimentary dollies are available. If you require a fork lift truck this must be ordered in advance from Freeman’s (see Exhibitor Kit page).

Will there be security on site?
There will be security overnight and throughout Show hours. The Show cannot take responsibility for loss or damage.